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Forum Rules

Postby CEO1 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:30 pm

Forum Rules

1. Above all, practice good Forum Etiquette, Civility and Respect for Fellow Members. Flaming, condescending, or abusive remarks of any form, to any degree, will not be tolerated.

2. Replies to threads should stay on topic. If the original topic was in reference to apples, don't go off on a tangent about oranges.

3. Racial slurs or aspersions of any type, towards any ethnicity are prohibited.

4. Members
must be affiliated in some capacity with the HVAC/R Service Industry: service tech, service company owner, wholesaler/distributor rep, manufacturer rep, tool/instrument mfg/dist rep, HVAC/R educator/student, etc.

5. Highly offensive language is not permitted (and automatically censored)...mild four letter profanities are generally acceptable among most adults and will generally be acceptable in posts. And you can always insert a few * * * in strategic locations to mask the word, while still communicating your thoughts.

6. Minimum age for membership is 18.

7. Blatant advertising within a post is rude...and likely won't be allowed. If a Member happens to be an Hvac/R tool/instrument distributor/manufacturer, he may well have something we're all interested in seeing, in which case announcing his available services or products, wouldn't necessarily be considered "advertising".

8. Use of any Forum for any illegal activity is forbidden, including "Violation of Intellectual Property Laws" be careful what you "copy and paste".

9. This one is more advice than regulatory...don't say any thing you wouldn't want your Mama to know. Even though our Forum is predominantly "closed" it's not without internet "crawlers". They see and hear everything...

10. The Administrators and Founders of the HvacR Professional.Com Forums will practice strict enforcement of the Terms of Service (TOS) Policies set forth in this document. Any violation of a single TOS paragraph may result in the swift and immediate removal of both the post/article and the author of the post.

(The "Management" reserves the right to modify, at any time, in any manner, "The Rules" as may be deemed necessary)
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