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Forum Position On DIY'ers

Postby CEO1 » Wed May 07, 2014 6:45 am

First of all, here's Forum Management's "definition" of a do-it-yourselfer:

An individual with little or no training in, nor knowledge of HVAC principles, nor tools to adequately analyze/diagnose a heating/cooling system.

HvacR Professional.Com was created primarily to provide a platform for information exchange between service techs...if a member was, at one time, in the service business, and has the knowledge and tools to perform a diagnosis, he's not a DIYer. If a member has spent his career in the low temp field, and wants to attempt a repair on his furnace or heat pump, he's not a DIYer.

On the other hand, an individual who's added "freon" to his automobile, or owns a Home Depot volt-meter and has managed to diagnose a faulty breaker to the A/C, he is, in our opinion, a DIYer. Even if he goes to a Forum and gets some suggestions as to what might be the problem, it's unlikely he can digest the information, and far more unlikely he could analyze the equipment, and reach a diagnosis.

If an individual doesn't possess substantial knowledge of vapor compression refrigeration, combustion, applied electricity principles, schematics, electrical devices...etc., there's little likelihood he can look at a furnace or heat pump, and comprehend what might be causing a problem.

And for Forum members here, any attempt to begin an "assisted diagnosis" under those circumstances would be a futile effort, and waste of bandwidth... :mrgreen: While we respect the "do it yourselfer's" best of intentions, the Forum membership will make no attempt to respond to DIY questions.

There are numerous forums that were established for the DIY'ers, and we respectfully suggest you register with one of those sites for assistance with your questions.

The Forum will have a section dedicated to equipment owners, who are seeking opinions or advice, within the bounds of typical responsibility, that accompany equipment ownership.
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