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Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:57 pm
by CEO1
Please read the "Terms Of Service" and "Forum Rules" before registering. You must be affiliated in some capacity with the Service Industry to gain membership.

Click>>Terms Of Service<<Here

Hvac/R Professional.Com offers membership to Service Professionals and Homeowners. Service Professionals must be involved with the service industry in some capacity...student, instructor, service tech, equipment/parts wholesalers, tool/instrument mfg's/distributors, related HVAC/R equipment/accessories, HVAC/R related sales...whatever.

The Homeowner accounts will have access to, and posting privileges in the "Homeowner HVAC Resources" Forums.

The registration page has a couple of boxes to list your years experience and field title/service history. Just provide a sentence or two, confirming your involvement in the HVAC/R service field. Homeowners should enter "0" for years experience and "homeowner" in the title box.

That should take you to this page, which confirms a successful registration.
All New Accounts are immediately activated and have access to the forums.

Please be advised: In order to minimize bogus registrations and spam posts, new member posts will initially require approval before they are published. Once a member's good intentions are confirmed, he is moved to a different group without any posting restrictions. This will typically take place within 24 hours.

If you're already familiar with forum registration procedures, we look forward to seeing your application... ;)

If not, you can read the remainder of this message for a tutorial on how the procedure goes.

The top, right portion of the opening page for Guests looks like on the "Register" box.
(you can click on the images for a larger view, them click the "back" arrow to return to the registration process)

Reg1.png (23.49 KiB) Viewed 568 times

That should take you to this the terms and click on the "I agree to these terms" box (assuming you do).


Then the last page of the registration procedure comes up...fill in the blanks: The forum username you'd like to use (if you pick a username already in use, you'll have to choose another. Also, usernames are permanent...once you choose one, you're stuck with it), your email address, your email address a second time to confirm, the forum password you want to use, the same password again to confirm.


The "Trade Experience" and "Service History" boxes are required, so fill them out.

Finally, answer the spambot countermeasure question, and click "submit", which should take you to this page...


For the time being, registration acceptance has been changed to "admin approval"...which is the result of too many spammers registering. The net effect on new members is a delay in actually getting membership. In most cases, this delay will at worst, be a few hours.
If all goes as planned you can begin posting in the forums. ;)