Why "Open" Forums?

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Why "Open" Forums?

Postby CEO1 » Mon May 12, 2014 8:17 pm

We expect the membership at HvacR Professional will include a significant number of intermediate/beginner and student level techs.

Members in that group are usually suffering from a lack of training in, or understanding of, the fundamentals. When a poster asks something like, "I got this R-22 system that's running 500 psi head pressure and 10 psi suction pressure...any ideas?", he doesn't need a diagnosis, nearly as much as a lesson in, or an explanation of, the fundamentals.

Irregardless their deficiencies, they need a place to go with their questions, same as the rest of us, and would prefer it to be a friendly, non-hostile forum environment. If we have a few open forums, reflecting the "friendly, non-hostile" atmosphere, the "guest" techs are more likely to register for membership, which is the outcome we're hoping for, with open forums.

Our plans are to keep the content of the open forums generalized in nature, and in that context, they will be of little, if any, value to the DIY guests, looking for specifics.

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